I'm Mark

I've done lots of cool stuff!

I grew up in Maryland

I lived in Pennsylvania for many years, and now live in Myrtle Beach.

I can ice skate

and I'm a certified scuba diver

I got my degree from Penn State

I was on TV for many years

(WNEP-TV 16 in Scranton Pennsylvania)

I taught myself to build websites

I helped build big dynamic websites like:

Of course most of my code is now gone (that's the nature of websites). But, hey, it was cool when it was live!

My LinkedIn recommendations

My Flyer

I created interactive textbooks

for MacMillian Higher Ed.

I'm a photographer

Surfing Photos
Surfing Event Image Galleries
Action Shots
Sports and Surfing Photography near Myrtle Beach, SC
Vertical Wallpaper
Background Images for Vertical Monitors

I love to travel

Winter 2007-08
Holy Land Cruise
Summer 2010
Cuba Cruise
Winter 2015-16

I love kids

  • I adopted an older child.
  • I hosted an International Exchange Student.
  • I babysit my friend's children.

I was a substitute teacher

at the junior-high level

I make maps

Community, Municipal, and Park Maps

I built several hiking trails

I advocate for trails in general and have been a member of several community Parks and Rec boards.

I write essays about weird topics

The Hwy. 501 Fix
An idea for fixing congestion along Hwy 501 between Myrtle Beach and Conway
Software's $oft Costs
How software can create 'soft-costs' for your organization
Understanding Economic Balance
Economics and the household model
Keynes Was Right
John Maynard Keynes was right when he predicted a 15-hour work week
To Fight Coronavirus...
Go Outside and Visit a Park
220 Joules
A simple explanation of gravity and general relativity
Walkable East Stroudsburg
Promoting walkability in Monroe County, PA

I'm sorta social

I'm a Certified Surgical Technologist

and have scrubbed-in on over 100 real-life surgeries

I tutor students

in the HGTC Surgical Technology program

I built a
cool web-app

I created Surgical Counts, a platform that helps Surgical Technology students track and count their clinical cases.

I founded a
philanthropic organization

I'm the founder of
The Surgical Counts Organization,
which is dedicated to helping Surgical Technology students achieve certification.

I have a patent pending

I've hosted travelers in my home

from around the world via Couchsurfing

I support a number of social causes

And I've been married for over 25 years

(Yes, to the same person)