These are our personal thoughts written during the trip itself.

Mark's are journal entries to help him remember details from the trip.

Ann's are individual e-mails she sent to her friends back home to keep them updated with her progress.

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Mark's Entry

December 22

Woke up at 7. Ann didn’t get up until 9:30. We slowly packed, hoping we didn’t forget anything. Took our first Malarone at lunch, felt a little dizzy about 45 minutes later but it passed. Ann didn’t say much while we were packing. We gave Jacob his DVD player, an early Christmas present.

Left the house at about 1:30 went to Bills to get travel deodorant and toothbrush cap. Went to RiteAid to get DVD case for Jacob. Then headed for JFK.

The main thing I noticed on the ride was the weather. Fortunately it was above freezing and there was no real threat of weather delays. But it was very gray! I realized just how much not seeing the sun for a month affected me and how I was most excited about getting to a warm, sunny place.

To take my mind off the miserable weather I decided to teach Ann and Jacob a few Swahili words, like jambo, asante, and indiyo. Ann was in no mood to play along. I was surprised by how difficult it was for Jacob to learn them. He really struggled with asante. He just couldn’t remember it. I thought kids were fast at picking up languages.

After several rounds of “How do you say ‘Thank you’?” I tried to tell Jacob a little about the places we would be staying. I explained that everyone would speak English but would have some sort of accent. I said that the ‘hotels’ would all be nice and have pools. That’s when I realized we forgot to pack him a bathing suit. Error #1. We will try to find him one in Kampala. If no luck, he can swim in his shorts.

Once we hit the GW Bridge, traffic slowed to about 5mph, and stayed that way all the way to JFK. I missed the turn for S. Conduit Rd and entered the airport grounds. We drove past Terminal 7 and headed back out. It was tricky finding signs for S. Conduit Rd. but we managed, except we hit the road about a half-mile PAST our hotel. I didn’t realize that the OUT for JFK was in a different from the IN. That’s how we missed the hotel. So we had to turn around by driving through a slightly scary part of town but finally found the hotel by about 5:30.

We checked in and ate dinner at the hotel restaurant. It was at dinner that Ann finally started to talk and laugh a bit. I was REALLY worried that she was totally miserable. We went to bed at about 7:30.

Ann's Entry

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