Holy Land Cruise Photos
Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

Despite all that we've heard about how great Santorini is, Ann had absolutely no interest. She decided to stay on the ship that day. I had little interest myself but decided to venture out just to make sure. I did enjoy a quick excursion on my own that morning, but was unimpressed by a tour I took that afternoon. I think if Ann and I had done Thira together on our own we would have been much happier.

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Santorini - Thira

Cable Car




View from the Top

Ship and Santorini

Downtown Thira

Thira Shops






Back to the Ship

Tender to the Tour

Everybody Off The Bus

South End

Santo Winery

Monastery - Everybody Off The Bus

South View

North View


A Blue Church

Another Blue Church

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach

Thira from the Ship

Thira from the Ship

Churches of Thira

Parting Shot

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