Holy Land Cruise Photos
Kusadasi, Turkey
Kusadasi, Turkey

Ann really enjoyed her tour of Ephesus. She says it is tied for her two favorite things she did on this trip. I enjoyed walking around Kusadasi and swimming at Ladies Beach. While the market was impressive, the shopkeepers were a little too pushy. Plus I don't enjoy 'haggling' at all.

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Arriving in Kusadasi, Turkey


Ephesus City Gate

The Odeion

First Hospital

Domitian Temple

Goddess Nike

Kurets Street

Floor of Rich Dude's House

Ancient Toilet

Hadrian's Library

Ephesus Boat Landing

Christian Symbols

The Grand Theater

The Grand Theater

Kusadasi Market

This looks like a good place to eat

Kusadasi Market

Kusadasi Port

Our Ship

Fancy Shot

I'm Happy Now

Bridge Crew

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