Holy Land Cruise Photos
Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel
Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel

The day was spent entirely on tour, so we saw nothing other than what the tour guide wanted to show us. While simply being at these sites was impressive, the way these sites were treated and the experience at them really bothered both of us. Plus I was feeling really sick this day. Unfortunately we had a really bad tour guide and spending all day with her ruined a lot of the experience. I think we would have enjoyed this area if we had gone on our own.

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Arriving in Ashdod

View from the Mount of Olives

Jewish Cemetery

Jerusalem Panorama

The Southern Wall

Dome of the Rock Mosque

Ann in Jerusalem



Christian Cemetery

The Church of All Nations

Garden of Gethsemane

Garden of Gethsemane

Inside the Church of All Nations

The Western Wall

The Western Wall

The Rock of Calvary


Jewish Settlements

Jewish Settlements

The Wall

Passing Through

Life on the Other Side

Wall Graffiti

Christian Store

Running the Gauntlet

Palestinian Stone

Downtown Bethlehem

Walking towards Manger Square

Bethlehem Peace Center

Church of the Nativity

Inside the Church of the Nativity

Original Floor


Christian Column

Grotto of the Nativity




The Manger

Outside the Church of the Nativity

Walking back to the Bus

The West Bank

Jewish Settlements

Olives Close Up

Leaving Bethlehem

Israeli Security

Jewish Settlements

Security Checkpoint

Headed back to Ashdod

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