Cuba Cruise Photos
By: Mark Sowers

In December 2015 the embargo of Cuba was still in place and Americans were not allowed to visit Cuba for tourism. Only certain types of visits were permitted by the US government. One of those types was a "People-to-People" tour for which we had to go with a licensed group. The "People-to-People" license encourages cultural exchanges between Cubans and Americans. The group's activities had to be planned ahead of time, and had to fill pretty much the entire day, so there was very little time to explore on our own.

Our trip was different from most "People-to-People" trips in that it was based on a cruise ship. The downside being that the groups were much larger than you would usually find on a "People-to-People" tour. But the upside being all the advantages of a cruise ship, including not having to travel from hotel to hotel and being able to approach the cities from the sea, which gives a really nice perspective on them. Oh, and the buffet!

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