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Vertically oriented monitors, also known as Portrait monitors, are becoming more common. In fact many flat panel monitors now have the option of being mounted vertically. This usually involves unscrewing the stand from the back of the monitor and reattaching it in a vertical position. A few monitors, known as Pivot monitors, have a special circular-connector to the stand that lets the user rotate them on the fly.

First be sure a vertical or pivoting monitor is best for you (for most people it is). If you use your computer primarily for web surfing, e-mail, and word processing, then vertical is definitely the way to go. If you are a gamer, or you use power-point or spreadsheets, horizontal is probably better. If you do a little of both, get a pivoting monitor that lets you switch back and forth.

If you decide that a vertical (or pivoting) monitor is best for you, the most important thing to keep in mind is resolution. You MUST get a monitor with at least 1024 pixels tall (1024 pixels wide when vertical). Most websites are designed to be at least 1024 pixels wide. If your monitor can't display at least 1024 pixels wide when turned vertically, you will hate it and want to throw it out a window.

The other important part of a vertical monitor setup is the ability to rotate the image on the screen to a vertical orientation. Many video graphicscards today offer this option (usually burried deep within the advanced settings). If your graphics card does not offer this option, you may still find it built into your operating system, and as a last resort, there is special software you can buy yo do this for you.

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