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Take a look at a piece of paper. Or a magazine. Or a book. Or pretty much anything else that is printed. How is the paper oriented? Take a look at a newspaper. Notice how the text is laid out in columns. A vertical orientation is almost a necessity when printing words.1

Now think about all the things you do on your computer. You read web pages. You read e-mail. Maybe you do some word processing. All of these things deal with the printed word. Now look at your computer monitor. If you are like most computer users, it is oriented horizontally, contrary to the way you use it.

Take note of how much time you spend scrolling up and down when reading a web page, e-mail, or a word processing document. Imagine being able to see up to 50% more of a website, e-mail, or document without scrolling. With a vertically oriented monitor, you can.

These are pictures of my monitor at work. On it I can see an entire page of a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF with the zoom set at 100%. I don't have to shrink it down so small that I can't read it. Now that I have discovered the joy of using a vertical monitor, I will never purchase a horizontal one again.

1. Rules of good publishing state that you should never print more than an average of 11 words on a line before moving to the next line. More than that and it becomes hard for the eye to follow.

2. I should clarify that there are some good reasons to keep a horizontal monitor. If you do a lot of gaming, power-point presentations, or spreadsheets, the horizontal orientation is better.

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