Lehigh Valley Blogs Help Promote Walkability and Smart Growth

Folks in the Lehigh Valley are learning about the importance of Walkability and Smart Growth through the efforts of two area bloggers.

Ron Beitler, a Commissioner for Lower Macungie Twp. writes about the development issues facing his community. In his blog Lower Mac News & Issues he shows how good design, planning, and governance can make a big difference in the way the town looks and functions.

He has smartly approached local topics, including making sure buildings fit into the neighborhood, growing local business, open space, roundabouts, the important difference between a street and a road, and of course, walking.

In A Place for People, college student Michael Sutherland focuses on issues facing Hellertown as it tries to grow.

Both of these writers like to reference Strong Towns, which provides solid examples of smart growth around the country. Strong Towns is a national organization dedicated to, "promoting development that allows America's cities, towns, and neighborhoods to become financially strong and resilient".

That sounds exactly like what we want to do here in East Stroudsburg.