PennDOT to Add or Upgrade More Than a Mile of Sidewalks During Exit 308 Reconstruction

When PennDOT rebuilds Exit 308 (the East Stroudsburg exit at Prospect St.) in the next few years, it will add or upgrade more than a mile of sidewalks. This according to the design released on the Exit 308 website. In the map above, the purple lines are the sidewalks.

Most of the added sidewalks will be located along Forge Road. and Greentree Drive, both located on the south side of Interstate 80.

This will be a huge improvement for the folks who live in the several housing developments off of Greentree Drive east of Prospect Cemetery. Currently if those folks want to walk to Downtown, they must do so on the street itself. The new sidewalk will allow them to have a safe route out of the way of traffic.

The new sidewalk will also continue down Forge Rd to the Iridium Industries plant where it will connect to the existing sidewalk that continues up Lincoln Ave. past the Wal-Mart.

Crossing the Interstate will be much easier for pedestrians as well. The Prospect St. Bridge across Interstate 80 will have a new sidewalk along the western side. This will connect to a pair of crosswalks across the ramp for I-80, with a pedestrian island in the middle. This pedestrian island provides additional safety for walkers as they need to only cross one lane of traffic at a time.

The current plans indicate that PennDOT will also rebuild the sidewalks along both sides of Prospect St. past the Pocono Medical Center and up to the main entrance to East Stroudsburg University at Circle Dr. and Ridgeway St.

Drivers will see improvements as well. The most obvious improvements include the addition of two roundabouts which, while controversial, are actually much safer and offer better traffic flow than standard intersections.

Here at we strongly support the use of modern roundabouts and look forward to their construction.

Visit PennDOT's Exit 308 website or download the complete design.