Residents Share the Work of Clearing Sidewalks

East Stroudsburg requires its residents to clear their own sidewalk after every storm. The problem with this approach is that some neighbors may be a little late in clearing their particular section, while others may be elderly or away and can't get to it at all. As a result it is rare to find a long stretch of sidewalk that is completely clear.

Relying on each property owner to clear their small section of sidewalk basically guarantees that some sections will be blocked. And if one section of the sidewalk is impassable, then it renders the entire sidewalk useless. That's a clear sign of a bad policy.

Ideally the municipality should clear the sidewalks, just as they do the roads. After all, sidewalks are just as important to the community transportation system as roads.

But until that happens, neighbors in this community near Ann Arbor, Michigan decided to join forces, help their neighbors and their community, and ensure that all the sidewalks are clear. Take a look...

CityLab provides some more information on the program.

And other communities around the country are taking notice.

And conservatives understand the importance of being neighborly.

It's a great example of neighbors working together to help each other and their community, and something that could be considered here in East Stroudsburg.