WOW! East Stroudsburg has 34 Miles of Sidewalks, Pathways, and Trails

Previously wrote about the high Walk Score in downtown East Stroudsburg. Walk Score measures how close livable features are, but it doesn't take into account the availability of sidewalks or the safety of the walking routes.

So to see just how much pedestrian infrastructure already exists within East Stroudsburg, we plotted every sidewalk, pathway, and trail within the borough.

The map shows 34 miles of pedestrian infrastructure already in place. That's more than the length of a marathon. Not bad for a town only 2.6 square miles in area.

The majority of the pedestrian infrastructure is in the form of sidewalks, and most of those are concentrated in the downtown core.

With East Stroudsburg's pedestrian infrastructure mapped this way, two things stand out:

1. Potential Walking Loops
The map really helps visualize just how many potential walking loops there are within the borough. If you walk for exercise, there are many different routes you can take. It would be easy to find a different route every day. Depending on your mood you could choose a route through a residential area, East Stroudsburg University, the commercial district, or even along the levee.

 2. Gaps
If walking is your only way to get around, then the number and size of the gaps in the pedestrian infrastructure is also noticeable. These gaps pose a significant safety concern because you need to share the route with motor vehicles who often have the right-of-way.

The good news is that the gaps aren't necessarily all that large, so it wouldn't take much work to close them. Hopefully our analysis will help planners do exactly that.

WalkableGIS3_icon ES_sidewalks.pdf
-- a printable and zoomable version of the entire map.
-- the raw .kml file of the data used in the above map.